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Nikki successfully wrote 52 new original songs in 2021 and she set an even bigger goal for 2022!


She doubled it and wrote 104 songs in 2022!


Nikki posts sneak peeks of every song she writes on her Instagram and Tik Tok so be sure to follow along to be the first to hear!

If you want an even more exclusive experience, consider joining Nikki's Patreon!


She offers Full DEMOS of some of her unreleased songs ONLY available to her Patrons and Twitch Subscribers PLUS tons of other exclusive perks!


Nikki's RWRS Weekly Song Collection

Nikki wrote a brand new song every week from a different prompt given by RWRS and finished the year with 52 new original songs! Sometimes she even writes the songs live with her fans on twitch!


What is Real Women, Real Songs?

A group of 28 women (including Nikki) from all over the country have been united through a Facebook group and committed to writing 1 song a week for a full year! That's 52 songs!!!


Each week they were given a writing prompt and posted their song in whatever shape it was in for you all to see.


In watching these women boldly put themselves out there in vulnerability the hope is that you will in turn be inspired to create something of your own! Whatever that may be.


The prompts are made public every week so if you feel so inclined, write along with them or just enjoy the ride!

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