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Her old soul, modern pop edge, and vibrant stage presence ensure a good time for people of all musical tastes. 

Nikki Forbes is a pop singer-songwriter and musician based in Nashville, TN. She graduated with a BM in Commercial Music and Audio Production and a Certificate of Business in Arts & Entrepreneurship.


Nikki is a vocalist, writer, musician, and producer. She tastefully blends pop, singer-songwriter, acoustic, indie, and electronic influences. Her sound is constantly evolving and she loves soaking in new sources of inspiration.


Where She's Been

Nikki has been singing for as long as she can remember but learned how to play guitar in 2013 which she credits to her mom who "assigned" her to learn a few chords for a homeschooling assignment after years of her guitar collecting dust in the corner of her room. After she could accompany herself, her songwriting really took off. She became passionate about capturing her memories and experiences in songs that she could share with other people. That passion for songwriting only grew stronger as she grew up and sharpened her craft.


Where She's Going

Nikki is growing and expanding her career in the music industry!

She has been booking and playing her own shows since 2014 and is available to play at local venues, festivals, weddings, house concerts, private events, and more. 

She has a band that can play with her to fill larger spaces and provide an exciting full-band experience as well as solo shows.

Nikki is also a freelance music producer,  songwriter, and vocalist available for hire.

Nikki's most recent accomplishment is writing 104 songs in 2022! Some of these songs will be released as singles later this year and many combined on an album at the end of 2023!


Her most recent release is an emotionally charged and passionately produced electronic pop track "Emergency Contact" which is her sophomore release with Canadian producer PVRPLE..


She also recently dropped an energetic and sassy pop song "Hit & Run" with an accompanying Music Video both songs are available on all platforms.


She is working on a couple of thrilling new singles planned to be released this summer! So be sure you join the mailing list and follow her on Instagram and TikTok to be the first to know!

She can't wait to share her music with you.

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